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Soul Rant #0003: Mizzou 2 Harvard – Shame on US

Listen in as Soul gives his rant on POC obsession and addiction to white institutions.

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Soul Progressive Sundays – November 22, 2015 (Radio #0015)

Soul Progressive Sundays – This week we will discuss: Murder in the Mile High Murder in Minnesota Fox Host said he would of replaced the Mizzou players Soul gets impromptu

Soul Progressive Sundays – November 15, 2015 (Radio #0014)

Soul Progressive Sundays – This week we will discuss: Tragedy in Paris France Stone Soup Revival Selling Children to the Prison System Higher Education? Do we really need it? and much

Soul Progressive Sundays – September 06, 2015 (Radio #0006)

Soul Progressive Sundays – This week we discussed: James Bond author says Idris Elba ‘too street’ to play 007 Officer fired after photo surfaces of him giving Nazi salute at

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Can the Labor Movement Save Its Soul?

It’s not coincidental that at this very moment both the labor and racial justice movements stand at a crossroads in our nation’s consciousness. The people who fight to undo worker’s

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Racism Unmasked: From Paula Deen to the Supreme Court

What has become strikingly clear over the past several weeks with the roll back on Voting Rights by the Supreme Court, the “debate” about whether or not Paula Deen has

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Is George Zimmerman Truly a “Creepy Ass Cracka”?

Last week in the Trayvon Martin trial one of the more explosive moments came when Rachel Jeantel uttered the words “Creepy Ass Cracka” (translation…Cracker) in her account of Trayvon’s description