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Soul Religious: Why the Religious Right is sooooo Damn Wrong?

In this edition of Soul Progressive we’ve decided to baptize ourselves in the miraculous murky waters of the religious right. Come with us O’ brothers and sisters as we embark

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Your Week in Soul: Monday Edition

Soul Shot #1:  Hillary has Soul? I was really wanting Hillary to run, no I mean run the phuck away. (I’m seriously considering the Soul Side Eye of the Week

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Mid-Week in Soul: 5 Things You Need to Know

Soul Shot #1: Are most cops Uber A$$hole$? Yes, I know- the question probably sounds rhetorical at this point however the rampant abuse of power that the ‘boys in blue’

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Soul Soundoff: From Gods to Coons

As I sat in the back of the police car I couldn’t help but to historicize the predicament that I had found myself in this night in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

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This Week in Soul: 5 Things You Need to Know

Soul Shot #1: Terrified Taraji rushes son to Howard U Of all the criticism that have been leveled at the critically acclaimed show Empire the one that is ringing the

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Op-Ed: On Green Energy, Working Angelenos Keep Up with Movie Stars

In Los Angeles, green activists are cast largely as Prius-driving do-gooders who aspire to be greeted with the same reverence as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The stereotype is one

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Labor at a Crossroads

It’s not coincidental that at this very moment both the labor and racial justice movements stand at a crossroads in our nation’s consciousness. The people who fight to undo worker’s

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Is George Zimmerman Truly a “Creepy Ass Cracka”?

Last week in the Trayvon Martin trial one of the more explosive moments came when Rachel Jeantel uttered the words “Creepy Ass Cracka” (translation…Cracker) in her account of Trayvon’s description

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Between Barack & a Hard Place

I know, I know. Obamaites will not admit it, but for those of us who grew up on the urban playgrounds of America we all know a beat down when

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