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Soul Progressive Sundays – August 30, 2015 (Radio #0005)

Soul Progressive Sundays- Despite technical difficulties…again with BLOG TALK RADIO, we persevered. It’s that time again and it’s been a HOT week. In our last show we discussed: The Virginia shooting

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Soul Progressive Sundays – August 23, 2015 (Radio #0004)

It’s Soul Progressive Sundays Hot Topics of the week: Soul Movie Review—-Straight Out of Compton Surveillance Of Black Lives Matter Movement Recalls COINTELPRO Tactics Mistrial Declared For Cop Charged With

Soul Progressive Sunday – Your week in Soul (Radio #0003)

Your weekly soulful rundown of all this weeks hot topics including: Alexander Landau, survivor of a horrific police beating, speaks out Polictricks as usual in 5280? What is G.R.I.D and

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Mile High Militarization or Coon Train (Video #0012)

Soul Progressive – Here in the 5280 we have become to accustomed to White Supremacy and the politicians that oversee the complete undermining of our black/brown lives.

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Sunday RunDown (Radio #0002)

Soul goes in on current events solo…you don’t want to miss this one!! alllivesmatter vs blacklivesmatter – The next time someone says “All Lives Matter” show them this link Cop confrontation

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Soul Progressive Saturday – Sandra Bland Edition (Radio #0001)

It’s our inaugural show and we will be talking #blacklivesmatter!!! Join us as we talk Sandra Bland with #blacklivesmatter activist and supporters.