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Channel 9 vs The Truth about Gang Violence (Video #0006)

Souliloque – It’s amazing what passes for news these days in Denver. Listen between the lines about the “program” the police department is planning for your children.

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Souliloquies : Creflo Dollar make me wanna Holla!!! (Video #0003)

Souliloque – Creflo Dollar answers his critics about his $65mil plane fiasco….Soul Progressive answers him!

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Seven Minutes of Soul: What is the Purpose of Protest? (Video #0002)

7-Minutes of Soul – From Ferguson to Freddy: What’s the Purpose of Protest? H-Soul discusses his view on citizen protest.

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Soul Religious: Why the Religious Right is sooooo Damn Wrong?

In this edition of Soul Progressive we’ve decided to baptize ourselves in the miraculous murky waters of the religious right. Come with us O’ brothers and sisters as we embark

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Your Week in Soul: Monday Edition

Soul Shot #1:  Hillary has Soul? I was really wanting Hillary to run, no I mean run the phuck away. (I’m seriously considering the Soul Side Eye of the Week

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7 Minutes of Soul & 3 Things You Need to Know (Video #0001)

Soul Shot #1: 7- MINUTES OF SOUL Now you know I’m going to go h.a.m on this issssh right here right? Not because I’m sick and tired of being sick

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Starting Your Week in Soul: 3 Things You Need to Know

Soul Shot #1:  Kenya’s Cry Sometimes some celebrities hit the nail on the head so hard that there’s nothing else to do or say. One of my all time favorites

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Mid-Week in Soul: 5 Things You Need to Know

Soul Shot #1: Are most cops Uber A$$hole$? Yes, I know- the question probably sounds rhetorical at this point however the rampant abuse of power that the ‘boys in blue’